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Our Briciola is crunchy and fragrant,
made with the best local ingredients.

In Taproom and Casana

Our kitchen has created Briciola, our interpretation of Italian pizza.
Briciola is the dough, made by us: high hydrated, long leavening made with local stone-ground flours. All the ingredients used for filling Briciola are prepared by us starting from always fresh raw ingredients.
In TapRoom and in Casana we offer you our Briciola in the “Classic” and the “Stuffed” version.

Each Briciola has different ingredients according to the season and availability of the best producers and farms, mainly local.
For this reason, both in TapRoom and in Casana, we ask you to come and choose your Briciola directly at the counter, so you can see them up close and ask us any kind of information.


Crak briciola Classica


Briciola farcita crak

Local Producers and Farm


Farine Petra del Molino Quaglia Vighizzolo d’Este (PD)

Cold cuts/Cured meat:

Az.Agr Pastrello – Rustega (Padua)

Salumificio F.lli Scapocchin – Legnaro (Padua)


Cervesato (Padua)


Tosato Genesio – Arsego (Padua)

Az.Agr. Peron Paolino – Loreggia (Padua)