Crak Fresh

Our philosophy is “everything is possible”.
Never leave any stone unturned to achieve your goals. You just need to find the right way to go with the means you have.

We have always worked with the focus of the freshness.

And that’s why we want you to drink our beers to the maximum of their quality and freshness, the same quality and freshness that you can taste in our TapRoom, inside our brewery.
To achieve our goal, all our beers and sent directly from our brewery, with temperature-controlled, fast shipping ( 2°C-8°C) to all our Italian customers.



We ship our beers directly, without intermediaries, from our brewery to the best Italian pubs, restaurants and beer shops, and your house and to the best partners around Europe that help us to keep the freshness.


We keep the “Cold Chain“. We ensure that our beer is always kept at a controlled temperature (from 2°C to 8°C) from the brewery to the hand of the consumer.


Each key keg has a medallion, to be displayed, with the filling date. In this way, even when you drink our draft beers, you will know their “age”, how fresh they are.


At the bottom of each of our cans we indicate:

  • the canning date
  • the “expiration” date or the date by which we recommend you to drink the beer to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Guerrilla Package leaflet:
Information for the user

Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start drinking this beer. Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again.

How to drink straight from the can*

Guerrilla and all our canned beers are meant to be enjoyed straight from the can because:

1. They’re packed with the right amount of carbon dioxide, suited to direct consumption from the can;

2. It lowers the quick oxidation you get when you pour a highly hopped beer in a glass. Thanks to its shape and small mouth, a can keeps carbon dioxide inside and protects the beer by reducing the contact with oxygen. Therefore aroma and taste remain the same from the first sip to the last drop;

3. A can shields the beer from light, that skunks beer;

4. To avoid every contamination caused by a non properly cleaned glass or inappropriate pour;

5. To fully enjoy its aroma we suggest to sniff the beer from the small hole while gently pressing the can, in order to create an aroma puff straight to your nose.

*(bearing all the points listed above in mind, nobody stops you to pour it in a glass)

What you need to know before you buy or drink a highly hopped beer:

IPAs and every highly hopped beers, are characterised by heavy amounts of hops. Hops are the flowers of the hop plant, that impart aroma and flavours to the beer. To fully enjoy this beers, they have to be correctly stored.

What is a correct storage and possible side effects

Highly hopped beers must follow the cold chain, namely they have to be stored at low temperatures (best under 8°) all the time from the brewery right to the can in your hand. Heat accelerates chemical decomposition, stales your beer quickly, rapidly transforming hop oils aromatic compounds into unpleasant aromas.

Warnings and precautions

Cold chain is not all, time is also an enemy. Highly hopped beers have to be enjoyed fresh, as soon as possible. There are two dates printed on the bottom of the can, the packaging date (vital to know how fresh this beer is) and the best before date (important to know for how long this beer retains its characteristics, if properly stored cold).

Before you drink

Be sure to buy highly hopped beers only if they’ve kept the cold chain and have been cold stored. Remember to verify that they are fresh, in any case no later than the best before date on the bottom of the can.

Alerts and complaints

If you find our beers stored out of the fridge, beyond the best before date, or wrongly served, please refer place and problems encountered to our claim office at