Guerrilla Crak The Rules

We did CRAK once again. We are a completely Independent Farm Craft Brewery!
We risk everything so that everyone can drink our beers to the top of their quality and freshness.
To achieve this goal, we will sell and ship our beers in Italy, exclusively throughout our new on-line shop ( to the best-selected Italian pubs, restaurants, beer shops etc.
With this revolution, we want to create a short agro-food supply chain, because we believe in a fairer and more transparent market, with fewer steps and intermediaries. We want a market that respects the needs of producers and consumers by bringing the best quality beers to the best places.

While in Europe we will work only with the best and most reliable partners. Professionals who support our philosophy and guarantee the respect of the cold chain. Because our hoppy beers need to be maintained at a cold temperature (2°C to 8°C) to preserve their taste and their quality.

Guerrilla crak the rules


01 - Why have we "crak the rules" with this decision?

We have chosen to break the rules to create a direct and real relationship with the best Italian pubs and who want to help us on this mission around Europe. In this way, by shortening the supply chain, we want to rediscover the value of a direct connection with pubs and restaurants to ensure quality and satisfy the demanding consumers who are truly attentive to what they drink.

02 - Why we fight against the big beer industries?

The big industries want to flatten the market by promising deceptive financing and sponsorships to transform pubs and consumers into passive persons who have to buy without asking questions.
We were born to promote the craft beer revolution against the large beer multinationals which, also through the acquisition of craft breweries, continue to work to standardize the taste of the consumers.
The industry also knocked on our door, but we replied with a firm NO. Indeed, we have gone beyond our limits to become independent.

03 - Why are we talking about short food supply chain?

Because we are a farm brewery, and we produce most of the raw ingredients we use.

To achieve our goals we do what our Guerrilla beer inspires us to do every day: to fight for what we believe in.
Our philosophy is “everything is possible”. Never leave any stone unturned to achieve your goals, you just need to find the right way to go with the means you have.
We feel that the time has come for us to break the rules and risk everything, pushing ourselves beyond our limits and our possibilities, because only in this way we could continue to be CRAK.

Guerrilla CRAK the Rules