Thu 16 Nov '23

Crak Farm Oliveto

After years of study, research, and care for our olive grove, we are excited to announce our new project in the pursuit of the highest quality in the world of oil: Crak Olive Grove.

Adjacent to the hop field and the vineyard in Campoli del Monte Taburno in Campania, there extends a large olive grove that we have been tending to and studying for years with the goal of one day producing a “great” oil.

That day has come, and with great satisfaction, we present them to you:


It is a monocultivar Ortice, a bold, robust oil that releases a powerful aroma of tomato leaf and freshly cut grass, with an intense bitterness and a well-defined accentuated spiciness.

Oliva Oliva Oliva Oliva Oliva

Our second oil is the result of a blend of our five olive varieties: Leccino, Frantoio, Spirina, Ortice, and Ortolana. A decisive yet delicate oil.

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Being a Farm Brewery also means being able to let you taste products from our land, in addition to those intended for the production of our beers.
We pay homage to our land and enhance it because it’s not just about “creating a product,” but about the connection between plants, territory, people, and animals.