Sat 10 Jun '23
Guerrilla Celebration 2023

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TapRoom (Campodarsego)
& Casana (Padova)

Guerrilla Celebration 2023


Eight years have passed since the birth of the first Guerrilla®, the beer that for us is not simply a beer: Guerrilla® for us is a way of life, facing obstacles and setting new goals without ever ceasing to fight for what we believe in; overcoming challenges and always pursuing new goals, never giving up on our convictions.


To celebrate this anniversary, we have designed four beers in the Guerrilla® “style,” which we will officially present on June 10:

from 12 noon in our online shop

from 5 p.m. in TapRoom (Campodarsego)

from 5 p.m. in Casana (Padua)


– What will we be drinking?

To celebrate this anniversary, we have designed four special versions of Guerrilla® beer, each enhanced by a different hop.

Guerrilla® Style Citra:
Guerrilla® Style Citra combines the distinctive hoppiness of our Manifesto IPA with our selected Citra showing an explosive flavour profile of citrus, juicy oranges, grapefruit and lemon with a balanced bitterness that blends perfectly with our Guerrilla®.

Guerrilla® Style Riwaka:
Guerrilla® Style Riwaka combines the distinctive hoppiness of our Manifesto IPA with our selected Riwaka, showcasing an explosive flavour profile of tropical fruit, passion fruit above all, that blends into an intense bouquet of mango and lime releasing all the freshness of our Guerrilla®.

Guerrilla® Style Amarillo:
Guerrilla® Style Amarillo blends the unmistakable hoppiness of our manifest IPA with our selected Amarillo.
The result is an explosive flavor profile with citrus, grassy and resinous notes. The bitterness, the most intense among the four versions, blends harmoniously giving an “old school IPA” experience but in the Guerrilla® style.

Guerrilla® Style Kohatu:
The last of the four hops celebrating our Guerrilla® is from New Zealand and is one of the lesser known hops due to its limited availability.
Guerrilla® Style Kohatu shows all its characteristics with a tropical cut that combines with the Guerrilla style in the finish with a pleasant and refreshing herbaceous cut.


– What will our kitchen prepare?

There will be two new products you will find exclusively for this event, a new Pizza Briciola and a new Briciola Burger:

– Pizza Briciola “Otto“: Artisanal Bologna Mortadella, hand-stretched Burrata cheese, pistachio pesto

– Briciola Imbottita “Tonno Briciola Burger“: Raw Tuna Tartare, artisan hand-stretched Burrata cheese, fresh Costoluto tomatoes, Soncino lettuce salad, pistachio pesto


– Who will play?

On birthdays you always invite your lifelong friends

in TapRoom:

The Mojos from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.

Berto from 10:30 p.m. onwards

in Casana:

Momo DJ from 10 p.m. to midnight

Guerrilla Celebration 2023