Crak birrificio artigianale agricolo

We are now a completely Independent
Craft Brewery and Farm

We have fought for a long time and made a dream come true: we have become a completely independent Craft Brewery and Farm.

For us, being a Farm Brewery means returning homage to our land and enhancing it. Because it is not just a matter of “creating a product”, it is something more, like strong connection among plants, heart and people.


In our Farm, we cultivate brewing barley. Barley malt is the backbone of the beer, and growing barley allows us to get to know it and control it from the beginning and to understand better its chemistry and characteristics.

Crack farm produzione orzo


We grow naturally and pick fresh fruits (apricots, cherries, apples, peaches, plums) from our orchard to use them in some of our Sour / Wild Ales: Cantina craft beers. We pick the fresh fruits with our hands, making the selection on the field respecting the ripening times.

Hop Farm

We have started an experimental Hop Farm to pursue the search for new varieties and to expand our horizons. Experimentation and research have always been the core of our job, and hops are the raw ingredient that most characterizes our craft beers, our identity.

Our hops allow us to study in the field and to put into practice various techniques, but also to directly evaluate how climate, soil and harvesting methods affect our beers. This experience allows us to consciously select the best hops in the world, the ones that we use in our beers and that fully express their characteristics, especially in our IPA, DDH IPA and NEIPA beers.

Olive Grove

Adjacent to our Hop Farm, we had the opportunity to have and cultivate a small Olive Grove. We produce different varieties of olives from which we obtain extra virgin olive oil, soon available exclusively in our online shop, in TapRoom and Casana.

The land on which the olive trees are grown is in Campoli del Monte Taburno (Benevento) in the South of Italy,  where the climate favours a healthy development of the olives, which has excellent taste and organoleptic qualities.


For both ethical and functional reasons, we have placed Hives in our orchards. This has allowed us to undertake a beekeeping experience which, in addition to promoting the pollination of fruit trees (improving the quality yield), allows us to collect excellent natural honeycomb that we use in the production of some of our beers.