Guerrilla 48 hops #facciamoun48

Guerrilla 48 hops #facciamoun48

We get carried away. We needed the right idea for a great beer, we thought to a Grand Cru, then to a regional, but in the end, we get inspired by Italian master of hops, the true guardian Angel of this ingredient so noble, so we decided to make a beer with 48 hops.

A provocative beer to create the right “confusion” around “crafty-beer” or “pseudo-craft beer” that has questionable business practices.
We do not know what will happen, but it is the passion that connect us that allow us to believe in the impossible dreams, no one would deploy with the weakest or would support ideas that go against the mainstream if everything was rational.
We believe that we should spare no effort to ensure that all of our sacrifices won’t being outweighed by these “crafty-beer”.

On 24 October, the Guerrilla 48 Luppoli, will debut in 48 pubs throughout Italy (It will be available for a limited period).

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