EXPERIMENTAL HOP – Discovering New Hops

EXPERIMENTAL HOP – Discovering New Hops

They are being created.

We are glad to introduce you our new series of beers, It’s name will be “Experimental Hops”.


Why “Experimental Hops”?

The hop producers are constantly looking for new varieties to release to the market.

The more “promising” Experimental Hops are released in very small quantities to be tested by a few breweries that want to test them with the producers.

We want to test new hops, discover new hops, taste new flavor, we want to do this with you.

Each beer will contain a solid known hop and a punch of an Experimental Hop.


When will we release these beers?

We will release 4 different Experimental Hop beers during the year.

We will release the first one on 9th of February.


Which will be the shelf life of these beer?

60 days. We can’t know how these hops will evolve but we know that if you will enjoy this beer fresh you will appreciate its aroma, so please drink it by the date that we have recommended you on the label.

This Short Shelf life won’t be easy to manage, the are many logistical difficulties, but as other awesome breweries have shown that this is not utopia, we want this beer drunk at its maximum freshness to enjoy the different aromas of these hops .


These hops rarely have a name, but as well “HBC 369” became Mosaic, we could be using one of the hops of the future.

However, as always, we will keep aging some bottles to test the evolution over time.

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