Midnight BBQ

Midnight BBQ

Spelt IPA


Merge the heads of more brewers, share ideas, experiment new techniques and new ingredients without limits, cracking the rules, having fun and making what we love making the best of it. This is the goal of these Collaboration Beer.



MIDNIGHT BBQ is our new Collaboration Beer with friends of Sleeping Village.

During the release day of our previous collab, After Sauna, we created MIDNIGHT BBQ, a Spelt IPA, 7.5% vol., characterised by the use of 25% malted spelt that gives it a more pronounced creaminess than the “classic” NEIPA . Hopped with Loral, Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy.

Note: The name celebrates real events, a midnight BBQ in the Norwegian fjords with our friends of Sleeping Village.


Birra dell’Anno 2019 / 3rd Place / Categoria 17 / New England IPA

7,5% VOL