If you like double IPA drink 2 of THESE

If you like double IPA drink 2 of THESE

DDH Session IPA


Merge the heads of more brewers, share ideas, experiment new techniques and new ingredients without limits, cracking the rules, having fun and making what we love making the best of it. This is the goal of these Collaboration Beer.

We are now in a period dominated high ABV beer that, having a greater extraction of flavours and aromas of hops, tend to amaze and capture more attention of the fans.

Despite this, together with Sam, we brewed a Session IPA, 4,0% vol., hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Loral and Ekuanot. Double dry hopped with Ekuanot and Loral fermented with Vermont yeast. Full bodied and creamy despite the low ABV.

It’s name, If you like double IPA drink 2 of THESE, was born from a playful banter during the choice of the beer recipe that we wanted to create together, we were undecided between a Double IPA and a Session IPA.

The label design is inspired by a famous Italian advertising of a detergent box, reinterpreting it, “If you want a double IPA, drink two of these.”


4,0% VOL